More than 40% of women with suspected breast cancer turn to a private individual for help

According to statistics published on World Cancer Day, every fourth inhabitant of the European Union dies from this disease, and Croatia is at the very top in terms of the number of patients and deaths. Only Hungary has a higher mortality rate. It is estimated that about 23,000 Croats get cancer every year, of which an average of 11,000 die as a result. Lung cancer is the deadliest form for men, most women die from breast cancer. Psychologist and head of the Center for Psychological Assistance to Oncology Patients of the All for Her Association, Ljiljana Vukota, faced this difficult diagnosis in her forties, and she described her own experience with treatment.

– I always said that I was looking forward to my forties, hoping that I would have children, a good job, be situated … All this really happened, but in 2005, at the age of 45, with three minor children, breast cancer also occurred. . I found a lump on my breast by self-examination, and I had my first examination (breast ultrasound) after two weeks at the Dubrava Hospital. What I experienced there I wish to all women who find themselves in a similar situation. Seeing the ultrasound findings, the doctor immediately decided to perform a cytopuncture to confirm the diagnosis and she referred me to a surgeon for further consultations – said prof. psychology of Vukota.

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