EFPIA: How to Reach Sustainable Healthcare?

Healthier future
The case for outcomes-based, sustainable healthcare

Outcomes driven, sustainable healthcare has been the subject of discussions across the healthcare community for many years. We recognise that an outcomes based system may lead to lower prices for pharmaceuticals that do not deliver as much value as we hoped, and that there is therefore risk involved for the pharmaceutical industry in this context. However, at least such a system would also fairly reward true breakthrough products, and the reduction of waste in the system as a whole would create headroom to bring innovation to patients faster and broader. We believe an outcomes based system will do a better job of stimulating and rewarding real innovation. The innovation that benefits patients most, and supports health system sustainability. As an industry, we believe we can contribute to a more sustainable future by developing new pricing models,
such as outcomes based or value based contracts. This is happening in a number of countries, but it is in its infancy and will require partnering with patients, healthcare providers, payers and industry to create real breakthrough. Healthier future is our voice in this important dialogue.

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